The history of the company begins in the early eighties when the owner Patrizia (born in a tiny village in the small Umbria region on September 23, 1966) decides together with her sister Paola (strong reference point in the company) to start a small business focused on tailoring leather garments. Patrizia’s talent appeared when she was a young teen-ager, in fact she started showing a great interest in the dressmaking work done with passion and expertise by her grandmother, and it is in this familiar environment that she started day after day to get acquainted with forms, fabrics and colors. Over the years, the company has evolved and expanded, and today it is composed of a highly qualified and attentive team of people able to make high quality garments using high-tech machineries and thus allowing the product to be customized in the best possible way. For years, the company has been working and is still working with brands positioned in international markets. In 2015, Patrizia Fiandrini decided to develop a completely new style by launching the PATRIZIA FIANDRINI.